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Coeus offers continuous growth, a multi cultural environment and the opportunity to work with a team of highly motivated technologists, project managers, interface designers and consultants. With offices around the world, there are international travel opportunities and a chance to contribute to varying product solving challenges e.g.: UI,machine learning and scalability, etc. Whether it’s for engineering, sales, marketing or design we look forward to hearing from you!

Hiring Process:

There is a three step interview process in which technical and analytical abilities are measured along with a cultural fit with the company. We are always looking for technologists with cross skills and our team members,unlike in other organisations, have the opportunity to shift between departments. We invest in engineering, project management and in a team of highly competent and trained consultants.

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Join our team at Coeus

Luke Norris | Business Consultant

The flat hierarchy structure in Coeus means I can make my own business plans to target new industries without fear of endless approvals or not having the resources, it means pitching ideas to my CEO and then sitting together to draft exciting new solutions. I have a great team of international friends who know how to have fun at work parties, and have a willingness to share information and knowledge in the office among each other. I feel lucky to have found such a cool company with an office in the heart of Berlin.

Muhammad Junaid | iOS Team

I’ve had a lot of great experiences, both in work as well as in entertainment, but I’ve rarely had the combination of both in a job. I’m passionate about being in Coeus because I truly believe in what Coeus is doing, i.e. producing engineers instead of programmers, setting KPI’s to benefit their employees, Coeus Interact forum to build close relation with employees, Coeus Event Society organising multiple events every month to facilitate their employees. Coeus is the best choice for learners and pleasure seekers like me.

Ric Paredes | Account Manager

Coeus is the kind of company that makes work fun. Working as a business development consultant and account manager, I have the freedom to search for new clients and leads. Working within an international team makes it easy to get support and fresh ideas that make tackling any business endeavor less challenging. Our CEO is always available to answer any business inquiries and provides 1:1 guidance. Putting it shortly; Coeus is awesome.

Nabeel Amir | Project Manager

Fun, learning, growth and performance all put together at one place. You get to work with great professionals and mentors. I love how we go through each challenge as a team and come out as winners. I have learnt so much working here at Coeus and I have never felt that the work is stale and dull. You get to learn and practice something new with every project that you take. The top management has matured with the passage of time and are improving in terms of the processes and approach which is great.

Aida Zaklan | Project Manager

Coeus Solutions has been growing rapidly and the best part is that you are growing with the company. You become Coeus and Coeus becomes you. The company has allowed me to grow both professionally and personally in such a short period in ways that I could never imagine were possible. I like the flat hierarchy within the company it makes me feel the company’s evolvement closely. I love the fact that you are actually part of making serious decisions of the company and improving and building new processes and structures.

Muhammad Younas | iOS Team Lead

I like the relaxed environment here at Coeus and the mentor I have here. There was initially one mentor but now there are several. Apart from this, the opportunities and time that we get for self learning and training. I like the clean/optimised programming solutions. I like the geeks sitting around me or in the next hall. I like the yearly trips to the northern areas and the events that we have on a monthly basis. There is actually a lot to like about Coeus.

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