Experience Design

End users in today’s digital age expect a seamless experience across mobile, desktop and tablet. Not only is the design expected to be a seamless experience but an engaging and attractive one. Our interface team will help you create a highly personalized experience that will respond to the demands of today’s consumer by engaging them with touch points to create the desired outcome.

Product Development

Coeus Solutions as a group is involved in several ventures and products. In some cases, we developed the idea from scratch, launched it and then created a spin off and in other cases we simply invested in existing ideas and managed the operations of the products. We bring this experience to our customers, where we consult with complete end­to­end product development.
This involves:

  • Idea workshops
  • Feasibility workshops
  • Business model planning
  • Product roadmap planning
  • Product development
  • Go to market strategy developments
  • Roll out planning and execution

Digital Strategy and Innovation

At Coeus Solutions we are privileged to work with clients that are market leaders in their industries. These innovative leaders ask how digital technology can be used to drive growth and how change can be used to give them an edge over competition. With our large team of talented technologists and interface experts we are equipt to handle exactly these kind of challenges. We are always seeking ways in helping our clients use technology to provide growth and an edge over competition. We do not have a single type of client. Our clients range from industry leaders to start ups. Therefore we are a part of the planning of new market entries along with launches and relaunches of existing and new brands through process design and technology execution. Our aim at Coeus is to use our talent pool to create an optimal experience starting from project planning and communication to interface development and integration of technology systems along the way using our detailed knowledge to offer the best recommendations.

Flexi Team

Coeus FlexiTeam is a flexible IT outsourcing model with which IT projects can be implemented efficiently and cost effectively. FlexiTeam offers the possibility of putting together your own team by adding missing developers or by compiling a complete team. We have a large pool of developers with varying technology, skills and experience levels along with project and quality assurance managers. Our team is distributed over multiple offices in Europe and Pakistan. To secure the best communication and implementation, our German speaking project managers are located in Germany. Besides personal meetings, we also offer the possibility to locally integrate the project management into your team. All our developers possess a Bachelors or Masters degree in computer science from quality universities

Need based and customized solutions
To be able to offer our customers the best possible solutions, we analyze your needs and in consultation with you offer the best choice for your FlexiTeam. For optimal assessment of your demands we offer the following options:

  • Workshop
  • Interview
  • Webinar

Benefits of FlexiTeam

  • You can put together a team in a very flexible way based on your needs and demands
  • You have a great pool of talented and experienced developers with varying IT specializations.
  • You get efficient and innovative IT solutions with local support and global experience
  • You save additional administration and inventory costs and can operate more cost effectively